About The Author

David Cuschieri

As a child, David was always drawing and creating, finding more fun with a pencil and paper than the latest toys that most other children his age possessed. His passion for creating continued throughout his schooling which eventually led him to a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Sydney College Of Arts.

On graduation from University, David set off for an 18 month long intrepid adventure, traveling the world to over 30 countries. His travels exposed him to many new experiences that were not only to change the direction of his life, but inspired him greatly. After meeting an interior designer in India on his travels, he knew where his journey was to take him when he arrived back home to Australia.

Upon his return home, David was accepted and subsequently completed his interior design studies at the SIT Design Centre at Enmore in Sydney. After working in various jobs for 3 years, David decided to set up his own design company, specialising in retail design.

Over the past ten years, David has worked with some of Australia’s highest profile companies. He is also an accomplished artist and has exhibited both locally and internationally.

More recently, David has authored his first book, Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed a book that showcases some of Australia’s most successful designers from a range of design disciplines. David’s passion for design and showing others how they too can pursue a career in design was the inspiration behind creating the book. “Working with some of the best designers in the country to produce this book was a huge privilege and honour”, David says. “For anyone who has ever dreamt of undertaking a career in the design industry, this book shows them that their dreams really can come true”, he adds. A winning formula for success David believes is to find out the secrets behind those who have achieved success in the area you wish to be successful, and emulate their path – why reinvent the wheel!