Steve Fawkner – Video Game Designer

Steve Fawkner was born in Williamstown, Victoria in 1965. After studying Medicine at Melbourne University and trying everything from surfing to playing in a band, he eventually settled on a career in Software Engineering.

Running his own company had always fascinated him however, and having helped himself through university by running a successful tutoring business, he thought he would try his hand at something new. Having discovered the joy of gaming on an old Atari console when he was 15, he began to write his own video games in his spare time.

Although his first games met with only moderate success, the game Warlords in 1989 was a worldwide hit which spawned over a dozen sequels and has to this day generated more than $50 million in revenue.

Shortly after this, Steve founded Infinite Interactive, which is now one of the oldest continually running game studios in Australia. The studio currently employs over 50 full-time staff and produces two to three games every year, on every platform from the iPhone to the Playstation 3 to the Xbox 360.

In a career that spans almost a quarter of a century, Steve has created and designed more than 30 games, and worked with almost every major video game publisher in the world. He is regularly ranked amongst Edge Online’s top 100 international designers, reaching as high as number 22 in 2008.

Steve’s most recent series, Puzzle Quest, has received numerous Game of the Year awards, including a prestigious Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) Trophy – the first Australian game to ever do so.

A frequent international traveller, and regular speaker at Games Conventions worldwide, Steve still likes to return home to his apartment only a few miles from where he was born in bayside Melbourne.

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