Samantha Wills – Jewellery Designer

A career as an international model is not something most young women would pass up, but Samantha Wills did exactly that. Opting instead to start her own accessories company at the tender age of 21, Samantha saw this a career she could be more in control of.

Her decision to do so has proved to be much more professionally and financially rewarding. samantha wills Pty Ltd now has three trading brands under its growing umbrella and as the sole owner at 27 years of age, Samantha’s net worth is now estimated at over seven million dollars.

The premium ‘samantha wills’ accessories label, which has been worn by some of fashion’s most influential celebrities such as Eva Mendes, Melissa George, P!nk and Jennifer Hawkins, is stocked in selected boutiques and department stores across the globe.

With Samantha herself now a brand name, her television and print appearances, combined with her credibility, business savvy and model looks, make her a sought after celebrity. Along with being the international face of the ‘samantha wills’ accessories label, other brands are lining up to have her endorse their products. The Samantha Wills brands, but more specifically Samantha herself, have become bankable property.

While celebrity status is usually confined to actors and stars of the music world, Samantha navigates new territories by attaining star power through her branding savvy and international demand.

Tipped by Australian fashion writer Ines Mendoza to be ‘Australia’s biggest export since Vegemite’ at only 27 years of age, Samantha Wills is well on her way.

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