Sally Dominguez – Furniture Designer

Born in Sydney, NSW, in 1969, Sally came from a home of engineers and musicians, so embarking on a creative career was almost inevitable. Graduating with a degree in architecture from the University of Sydney, Sally always had her sights set on creating her own designs.

Sally’s ten years practicing architecture and accomplishments in design, places her squarely at the forefront of sustainable invention and ‘green’ materials and building design innovation. Her accomplishments include three major product design awards, and four years of professional judging, which include ABC TV’s The New Inventors, The Australian Design Awards, Wheels magazine’s Car of the Year Awards and the San Fransisco-based Spark Awards.

Sally’s ground-breaking Nest high chair was published in Cool Green Hunting and Standards Australia’s 100 Years of Innovation. It is also held in the Powerhouse Museum’s Permanent Collection. Her multi-award-winning Rainwater HOG modular water tank design was named one of the USA’s Top 10 Green Building Products of 2008 and is distributed across the USA and Europe. Her O MOON outdoor light is sold by Design Within Reach in the USA and she also designed the Boost Juice seat in Australia.

The common theme in Sally’s design is simplicity, plug and play ease of use and built in longevity. Above all Sally strives for sustainability in every aspect of her design, production and life cycle.

Sally lectures in Design and Technology for the Board of Studies and presents privately on sustainable design innovations, design and creativity, and designing sustainable products for consumer take-up. She writes on sustainable design, design innovations and sustainable car design for a number of online and print publications.

Her car experience centres on materials knowledge specifically in the areas of design, interior off-gassing and general toxicity, and end of life issues – although she can also drive on road or track.

As an inventor, Sally passionately believes in the global need for smarter, multi-purpose, sustainable building products, and she continues to design and invent simple, effective solutions to water, energy and building concerns.

Sally now resides in San Fransisco with her family but travels frequently to Australia for her many design activities.

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