Oliver Smith – Object Designer

Born in 1974 in Sydney, Australia, Oliver Smith was always interested in creativity and loved making things. At a young age he knew he was destined for a profession in the creative industry.

With a family background in jewellery and metalwork, Oliver began his tertiary studies in the Jewellery and Object Studio at Sydney College of the Arts, the visual arts faculty of the University of Sydney, where he completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 1995.

Following the completion of his studies, Oliver headed overseas on a period of work experience, modelled on the traditional journeymanship, during which he worked for significant silversmiths and metalworkers in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany and England.

After his travels and upon arriving back to Australia, Oliver returned to formal study in the Gold and Silversmithing Workshop at The Australian National University School of Art, where he gained First Class Honours in 2000, and a Master of Philosophy in 2003.

Oliver Smith is best known as a silversmith specialising in hammer techniques. His favourite technique, hot forging, is most suitable for making cutlery. As a result, his practice is focused on the table and inspired by the conviviality of the shared meal. Oliver combines a vigorous craft and design practice with lecturing at Sydney College of the Arts.

As a silversmith and designer, Oliver’s passion is for making – he delights in creating beautiful, functional objects that enrich people’s lives.

The range of Oliver’s work includes design for production, collaborative projects, special commissions and uniquely handcrafted pieces. Oliver has a range of production stainless steel cutlery items on the market that have received a number of awards. He has designed a product in collaboration with Robert Foster for the pioneering Australian design company F!NK & Co. and his commission work often includes elements developed in collaboration with experts from fields as diverse as physics and gastronomy. Oliver’s exquisitely handcrafted pieces have appeared in numerous exhibitions in Australia and abroad.

The best of craft and industry is his maxim.

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